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and with every crash

comes a reprieve...
the rollercoster ride is on it's way back up after another horrible fall down hill.

I think the last few times have been mainly caused by the inadequate progesterone levels in my system... sorry if it's TMI. f'in hormones, some of it is recovery, the doctors said it's going to suck for the next 3-6 months while my body tries to figure out what the hell just happened to it.

the rest is just good ol' train wreck katkoe.

the crashes suck and then I'm fine within a day or so, how stupid is that.

still waiting on my joints to get back in the game, just glad all the mood swings have subsided.

and now some happier stuff, well deserving reader...

The knit needles are being worked well and some flirting has been going on with the occasional crochet hook...

The above is the start of an elongated stitch scarf (it has doubled in size thus far) from the great pattern by Turvids using Bernat's BlackLites in Purple Power. Black Lites is a super bulky and super soft yarn making this project super easy and enjoyable.

The other scarf on my needles is a multi-directional scarf by Karen Baumer using double stranded worsted weight yarn that I hand-dyed (harlot colorway). This is my holy-crap I'm late scarf for my dear friend sara's birthday (read: october 24th) can't believe I'm such a slacker.

The poor scarf is about half way done. It's 100% super wash wool (with 50% merino wool) and the pattern of the scarf works perfect with this colorway. Link to the text version of pattern.

oh and I finished a pair of adult size slippers (another can't believe I'm this late pattern).

other than that I'm really kinda boring.