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feeling better

thank you to everyone for the kind words and messages, they are truly appreciated.

I'm feeling better, getting some strength back and pretty much painfree (knock on wood). My first day back to work was yesterday. made it about five hours which I think is pretty dang good considering.

Today was good too, came home around 4:15 bummed around with the midgets for dinner, then took dd trick-o'-treating after her dance class. we hit about 8 houses, it felt good to get out for a nice slow recuperative walk, the weather was crisp and sunny, nice fall day.

My mom has been helping out tons around the house and with the kids, seriously don't know how the woman does it but very grateful none the less.

I did pick up the knit needles again on Sunday. Currently working on a multi-directional scarf made from my hand-dyed worsted yarn (harlot colorway). Once it's finished I'll try to get some photos up.

Other than that I'm kinda boring :)