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feeling a little better

today started out crazy rough... migraine and joints acting up :P

think I'm getting my second wind now though.

my gran taught me to purl today in the continental style... finally had enough people show me that it clicked lol. although I think me and gran share a common brain, so she was the perfect person to teach me. :)

also picked up kfb (knit front back) with help from that site rocks!

why all the learning?
well finally decide to work on projects larger than shoes (check out my ravelry page for more info) two little people projects one for moo (tiny top down #608 by cabin fever) and one for pipe (confection shrug by, thanks to finding a yarn shop (ewetopia in troy, ohio - with super friendly gals at the helm I've gained a bit of confidence, knowledge, yarn and desire for projects that take longer to make.

hopefully, I'll be back in the swing soon on hooking too. I've been passing out lots of info on HAP (pattern and contact sheet provided to me by Val Quinn of Dayton, OH). Back to attending knit nights at ewetopia and acquiring yarn for the hooking 50/50 project.

long post... night all