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where kat go.

kat go boom. it's been super busy at work, home and every where else the last few weeks. which is good I suppose. I'm back on the shoe wagon again :D with this weeks massive installment planned.

Thank you to all my great etsy gals for donating the piles of yarn I've used to create the 50/50 shoes and for supporting my crazy endeavors to being with ;)

So far the hooking list is up to 13! with over 3/4 of the yarn being graciously donated by fellow etsians. Please check out the hooking blog for more details on these shops.

Please let me know of purchases made from the featured shops after they where featured on the blog so I can enter your names into a special drawing (again, more details on the hooking blog).

On a yarn diet? Leaving a comment on the hooking blog also provides a way of entering the contest. (purchases will count as two entries). Have a great night.