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damn my hands

I'm apparently bitchy this week. Not that anyone has told be specifically, I just feel that way. My hands are not cooperating, they get a numby feeling... both of them. Yesterday was spent using a mouse left handily... actually made my brain hurt to do that... odd.

My joints just hurt, don't worry next week I'll be fine again. f...n' immune system.

Work was going well. It's been launch-a-palooza at work for the past few weeks except this week. Some days it just doesn't pay to climb outta bed... ugh.

Switching between design and programming (both of which I love to do) sometimes just doesn't work out. And when it doesn't work out ... it really doesn't work out and I fall flat on my face. Example: the last few months. Just not in the groove I suppose.

My design skills seem to be taking a hiatus for some reason (my guess is stress) and programing is going okay until I sit at my screen all day trying to figure out the evils of drupal. (nice menus and IE just not happening, the menu loads already in the down position wtf?).

It's really is exhausting basically not moving all day long. And since it's Ohio and crappy out, its been too cold and icky to go outside. Whatever happened to spring?

So enough of the complaining. The good new is I got to crochet last night :D and finished a pair and a half of shoes :D

Hands and joints be damned, I'm still going to crochet :P